Hulls, bridge-platform and superstructure made of marine aluminum.
Hull framing is interior longitudinal frames fully welded from forward to aft with transverse frame supports and welded together.
There are 6 watertight bulkheads.
Shell plating: 6 mm bilge and bow plate, 5 mm sides, 4 mm deck.
Fore bottom line is uplifted letting go shoreward as close as possible.

8 thoughts on “Construction

  1. Is it possible to store the boats multiple batteries in these segregated hull compartments. This way, IF, there were any kind of fire with the separate Battery compartments, and the fire resistant foam, The entire vessel doesn’t have to burn.



  2. Dear Sirs,
    I am interested in buying that 22 meter building plans.Can you tell me more details?

  3. Can I know how you determine the structural members eg. frame spacing, number of bulkhead and so on?

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