Plans & Pricing

Of designs shown on the website Modus Maris houseboat, Respect River houseboat and Floating Café where created per customer requirements. In our opinion they are good samples of our style, way of thinking and quality. Now you can buy them as stock plans.

Buying stock plans or contracting us to design a boat to your requirements mean that you buy rights to build one boat. The designs remain the property of Modus Maris Ltd. If you would like to build more than one boat just buy rights to build next boat before you start.

Price per set of design documents as following:

Boat length
from – to
Worldwide excluding
European Union
European Union Stock plans and samples
9 m – 12 m
30’- 40’
5250 USD 5250 €
12 m – 15 m
40’ – 50’
6000 USD 6000 €
15 m – 18 m
50’ – 60’
6750 USD 4500 €
18 m – 21 m
60’ – 70’
8250 USD 8250 € Modus Maris houseboat
Floating Café
21 m – 24 m
70’ – 80’
9750 USD 9750 € Respect River houseboat
24 m – 27 m
80’ – 90’
11250 USD 11250 €
27 m – 30 m
90’ – 100’
12750 USD 12750 €

So, what scenario could be if you choose us to design your houseboat or party boat or another pontoon boat?

We are starting from studying your requirements: usage(1), sailing area, key dimensions (2), crew and passengers or guests, endurance, hulls and bridge-platform materials (3), propulsion (4), etc.

(1) Pontoon boats usage are family houseboats, charter houseboats, ferry boats, sightseeing boats, party / barbecue boats, work boats, fishing boats etc. Non-self-propelled pontoon boats can be used as floating homes, offices, catering establishments, retail outlets etc.
(2) Key dimensions are length, beam, draft, height over water for inland waters, etc.
(3) Floating part of our boats, so called platform-catamaran, could be constructed in aluminum or steel, or combination of both such as hulls made of steel and bridge-platform made of aluminum.
(4) Our boats could be equipped by normal diesel engines as well as hybrid engines, electric motors, outboards, etc.

When our design task is clear for us we offer a straightforward agreement to sign. Generally this agreement repeats articles we talk about here. Apart from design documents which we supply, our design service includes unlimited support during construction via emails.

The design documents which we will prepare are outboard profile, interior outline and arrangement, deck plan, hull structure, platform structure, scantling section, initial weight study, specification, engine and other equipment arrangement.

These could slightly vary and come out as:

(1)  Specification – doc and pdf file
(2)  AutoCAD drawings – 3D models of:

  • Hull and platform
  • Hull and platform construction
  • Hull and platform construction half
  • Hull – engine room
  • Hull – forepeak
  • Hull – frames
  • Hull – fuel tank
  • Hull – rudder, shaft and propeller if inboard engine
  • Hull – skin
  • Hull – skin half
  • Outboard profile
  • Platform
  • Platform and superstructure supports assembled
  • Platform and superstructure supports assembled with walls and windows
  • Roof
  • Upper platform

(3)  AutoCAD drawings – 2D drawings of:

  • Hull frames – construction
  • Hull frames – position and dimensions
  • Layout plan
  • Layout – piping
  • Layout – wiring diagram
  • Engine and other equipment arrangement

(4)  Weight study – excel and pdf file
(5)  Image library in jpeg
(6)  Drawings in pdf

Our job will be done in 2 phases. In phase 1 we will prepare an outboard profile draft showing how the boat appears from the outside and arrangement drawing draft showing the interior layout if any together with preliminary specification and will discuss until a plan suitable to you will arrived at. Then, in phase 2, we will prepare design documents listed above. Phase 2 could be completed in 1-2 month time.

Payment terms are as following. We would like to be paid in 3 installments. The first installment is 30% of the sum contracted and after receiving this initial payment we begin work on the project. After we complete the phase 1, we submit an invoice for the second installment which is also 30%. Upon completion of the project, we email image library and most of drawings in pdf and submit an invoice for the remaining amount of 40%. After receiving the final installment we email AutoCAD drawings and rest of drawings in pdf.

Please contact us by email, phone or Skype to buy stock plans or contract our service.

9 thoughts on “Plans & Pricing

  1. Hi,
    Could you please give me advice/info on your pontoons please:

    I am about to build my house boat on a tidal mud mooring, the sea floor isn’t level I’d place concrete blocks to level off the mud sea floor to hold the structure level whilst the tide is out.
    Would your pontoons cope with the loading of a home approx. 75 foot x 20 foot when the tide is out?

    Weight of boat would be difficult to calculate as I am a complete dilettante, I’m a first build houseboat virgin.
    Living/dining room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms 1 office and hallway.

    Budget – for the base??
    What about maintenance and longevity in salt water?

    Kind regards
    Tom Gillings

  2. Dear Sir,

    I would like to build one pontoon style house boat on dimensions 5m x 20m long.
    I have limited budget and like to know if you can assist evaluationg what is possible.

    There are few contacts I have which can follow your drawings especially hulls and structure like made in China.
    Than cost might be lower butthe shipment I plan to have in modular prefabricaded solution to be shippen in container and than assemebeled at the final location in Europe.

    Your plans look very nice, please advise.

    Kind regards,
    Mario Tudor

    • Hi Mario,
      of course it is possible prefabricate the boat in China and transport to EU in container. You are welcome to discuss the project in details.

  3. We are planning on building our own house boat, we really liked Mudos Maris design, but we are thinking to customize it according to our environment.
    is that possible?

    • Hi
      please could u let me have the plans to build the house boat 30x40ft how much also please could you let me
      know what the cost would be to have it prefabricated in china and transported to south africa
      many thanks

      • Hi John,
        let say plans will be 4000 euro. The price for per-fabricated houseboat depends a lot on your requirements and specification.

  4. Hi,

    can i know about to build my Resturant boat in the river (no salt water)
    size. 100 foot x 40 foot
    2 floor
    200 people accomondation

    Budget – ??

    Kind regards
    st shahadat

  5. I would like to build a house boat. I m handicap and need to build it one level. I can not do stairs but can still walk. I would like a 40 x 15 and make it solar powered. I want to travel with it ,I live in Miami Florida.USA Do you have a self design website I can go on?

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