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    • hmm … the price depends on materials, equipment and who do the construction and where
      hulls and platform made of marine aluminum, weight is about 10 tons, ask you local boatbuilders about average price per kg of aluminum construction
      we can offer you customized design of Modus Maris houseboat or as it is for a reasonable price and then our help during the construction at yard you choose

  1. Can you send me some further details on the Modus Maris along with your contact details?
    Many thanks

  2. Could you please give me an idea of the approximate costs to build and complete 1) your Houseboat to basic spec, 2) the floating Cafe also to basic spec.

    Are these boats we can build under your supervision at another location, or must they be built by yourselves and shipped out to a location when complete?

    Regards Gerald
    002783-382 6584

  3. You can build these boats at another location. Costs to build and complete depend a lot on a local markets and materials you use.
    I sent you email.

  4. Hi
    Looking for a cost break down and if the layout can be changed at all? Do you build them or sell just the plans?

    • Not so clear what are you looking for… we can discuss prices, layout can be changed, we design to your requirements / sell plans, we can follow the boat construction in your area.

    • Construction costs depends a lot on materials you choose. Let say starting from 200 k USD… Could be constructed in 8-10 months.

  5. can you please send me all info on Respect river houseboat at Can I besides buying plans/prints purchase said materials for such plans. I live in Annapolis MD USA. I would apprechiate a speedy response as I plan on start building spring of 2018. My ph# is 443-613-2716. Also can scype me. David Paciello. My biggest concern is the pontoons wether PVC or galvanized Will work best with your plans. Also cost of these plans/prints

    • will reply in details tomorrow, meanwhile, could you please send me email or give details here of cruising area

  6. bonjour je souhaite recevoir votre documentation pou être un revendeur pour la Frique AUSSI DEMANDE a ETRE VOTRE REPRÉSENTANT POUR LA COTE IVOIRE….. MERCI … mon contact téléphonique ..+.33 (0) 6 76 84 06 44

    • Be our representative for the Ivory Coast )). We have a lot of information on the website. Send me email if you would like to discuss in details one of our projects.

      • bonjour je souhaite recevoir les condition et tarif pour construction en cote ivoire aussi si formation chez vous moi je finance mon installation pour la fabrication des diverse bateaux souhaite plusse de information et documentation des produit des fiche technique un peux de détail de notre collaboration je vous joins mon contact 33(0) 6 76 84 06 44….::.merci de votre acceptation de collaboration et mes salutation distingue

  7. Hello, my name is Juan, I organize boat parties in ibiza and miami and I am thinking to buy a pontoon for miami to work my events here. If I do the pontoon with you, can u provide all the certifications in order to work inside usa ? also I would like to know the price of the biggest pontoon with the max capacity. My email is, thanks

  8. Hello
    I am interested in the platform, is it also possible to install two outboard motors
    And I want to know if the platform is also seaworthy.

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