Safety equipment

Click on links below to get more information on Modus Maris houseboat:

Propulsion Fuel supply Water supply Waste water Electricity
Steering Navigation Anchoring > Safety

There are:

  • automatic bilge pumps,
  • bilge water alarms,
  • fire extinguishers,
  • fume and fire alarms,
  • gas alarm,
  • buoys,
  • life jackets etc.

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2 thoughts on “Safety equipment

    • hmm … the price depends on materials, equipment and who do the construction and where
      hulls and platform made of marine aluminum, weight is about 10 tons, ask you local boatbuilders about average price per kg of aluminum construction
      we can offer you customized design of Modus Maris houseboat or as it is for a reasonable price and then our help during the construction at yard you choose

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