Modus Maris houseboat

With regards to Recreational Craft Directive 94/25/EC the houseboat design category is C Inshore, which means that houseboat has designed for voyages in coastal waters, large bays, estuaries, lakes and rivers where conditions up to, and including, wind force 6 and significant wave heights up to, and including, 2m may be experienced.

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modus maris houseboat houseboats design
modus maris houseboat houseboats design

houseboat, houseboat design, houseboat designs, concept houseboat, houseboat project

29 thoughts on “Modus Maris houseboat

  1. i am looking to build a houseboat and at the moment am looking at diffrent designs
    and I really like both of your houseboat designs , they both look clean and modern ..

    could you pleause tell me which one would be the cheapest to build and run ?
    and also the cost of the plans ..

    i think am more intrested in the Modus maris houseboat design

    Thanks Adrian

    • I am also in the process of planning a house boat to put in Kilifi Lagoon on the Kenyan coast.
      Please advise as to how i get plans for your boats?

      • Hi Sean,
        first, you tell us your requirements to see if plans need some modification and we discuss these via emails, Skype etc. Then I send you a simple letter of agreement. If there are modifications, we do them. If there are no modifications we send you drawings, images, AutoCAD files, all documentation we have prepared for the design.
        Please have a look here:
        Kindly check email and I also replied to your previous comment.

  2. Wonderful design
    I hope that I will have one soon
    A real dream
    Just waiting to start building a house floating

    Joe Schmetterling

  3. Hi.This house boat looks great,I can only imagine with this type of design there is quite a bit of innovation in the construction or building design.I am searching the web for a design that has to allow me the following.I will have to be able to construct this at the Lakeside.This is for Lake Caborra Bassa on the Zambezi river in Mozambique.This lake can get quite rough as it is about 300km long and up to 50km wide.
    I need a spacious free moving boat with a outside living deck upstairs to enjoy our special weather.
    The weight of this boat is obviously a huge factor on running costs and I need to know what should be used to power it.Speed is not neccassary as it is for lessure cruizing .

    • Thanks for your comments. Are you planning boat construction of steel or aluminium? with inboard or outboard engine? how many cabins you need and etc?

  4. I would like to go steel,I love a very open plan,I need suggestions on Cabins as do not want tiny cramped in rooms.Do you have some floor plans that we can look at to get ideas of what can be done

  5. Hi, I want to receiver more information about your plans. If have you other kind of construction or only houseboat? If have you motor houseboats plans or similar?

  6. What are the costs involved in building something like this,do you do partial builds

  7. Could you send me overall dimensions and plan views of your Respect River Houseboat and cost of engineering design and manufacturing drawings. What would the cost of the same drawings for A) 6m x 2.4m pontoon open deck with bimini top and toilet with seating capacity for 6-8 people B) 22x9m quadtoon houseboat with 4 toilets, kitchenette and bar on lower deck and bar under roof with bimini on upper deck with a seating capacity for 120 people similar to the Respect. Both should be able to be manufactured in kit form from fibreglass, aluminium or stainless steel for river and lake excursions

  8. Looking for platform about 30′. How are the pontoons made? What is the cost of pontoons alone versus platform? Where is your closest plant to Knoxville, Tn.? Need cost for both.

  9. Am so interested in your products, I need more details of specifications, prices, shipping..etc

    • Thank you for the interest in our designs. Would you please email me what are looking for, what is constructing facilities near you etc. It will help us to talk in details.

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