Marine ventilation

Air-Only ventilators let air in and keep water out via the use of spherical floats.

We launched them in 2003 on Marine Equipment Trade Show, Amsterdam, Holland and have got Special Mention Design Award (DAME 2003). Certificate is here.

There is telling only about our ventilators. There is also online shop.

Salt of our products is Air-Only ventilator. Look at pictures below how it works.


The Air-Only vents use PVC balls, which float within the vent as soon as there is water on deck, along vertical guides, to form a watertight seal. As soon as the water subsides, the balls descend, letting air in again.

Please, find more info on Air-Only vent such as sizes, specification & assembly and so on.

Outside plastic parts made of Luran S: we guarantee no yellowing, no weathering as minimum for 10 years.

From time to time we sell on Ebay. Read what people say about our vents here.

So, we produce and sell:

Air-Only ventilator


Air-Only Low Profile


Air-Only Dorade


Breezy electric ventilator

breezy 182x131

Wooden Breezy electric ventilator

Wooden electric vent 200

4 thoughts on “Marine ventilation

    • ds1-ds7 parts made of Zytel 70G30HSL
      dsd1-dsd3, dslp1-dslp2, b1-b2 parts made of Luran S 778TUV
      ds6 made of PVC 9083
      o-rings made of Silicone 40 Shore A (anti sea-water)

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