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> Propulsion Fuel supply Water supply Waste water Electricity
Steering Navigation Anchoring Safety

Amount of power required to propel the houseboat at 8-10 knots at calm weather is ~75 HP x 2 engines.
Speed under power could be approximately calculated:


This formula is from here.
So, there are 2 inboard engines approx 75 HP each:

  • Variant 1: 2 marine STEYRs motors (Hybrid Propulsion System), 75 HP (55KW) MO84K32 or 85 HP (66 KW) MO94K33 low noise
  • Variant 2: 2 marine diesel engines such as Yanmar type 4JH4-TE, Volvo Penta D2-75 or similar.
  • Variant 3: 2 electric motors 50-55 KW each

Here and then pictures are for Variant 2 only.

modus maris houseboat houseboats design

For better manoeuvring there are bow thruster and/or stern thruster.

modus maris houseboat houseboats design

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