Floating Café

There are not enough well-found places where one can eat and relax seating in front of sea anywhere.

Floating Café is an open floating court / platform with bar and kitchen in the middle. Provide one and all with a seafront seat while enjoying snacks, drinks and hot food.

As a vessel, Floating Café is a berth-connected ship.



25 thoughts on “Floating Café

  1. Hello from Slovenia,

    I am interested for Floating caffe. Please for more informations )dimensions, garantie, price …).

    Best regards,


      • Hi Olena, please send me approximate price of the floating Cafe and to which stage you will rwmain involved with the building of this craft.

        Many Thanks


  2. Dear Sir ,

    Am intrested in the floating cafe can you send me more infos and price please .


  3. Hi, please send me approximate price of the floating Cafe and to which stage you are at with the building of this craft.

    Many Thanks

    • Okay, design service for such vessel could be around 10 000 USD paid in 3 installments. Such vessel depend a lot of your local environment. So, the first thing is her location.
      Also such vessel should be constructed locally in whole or assembled in place as a minimum. So, construction price depend on your local market. We did calculation for Malta a couple of years ago and her estimate was around 500 000 euro including kitchen equipment and furniture.

    • Where are you planning to use Floating Cafe? We have to go deeper in details to understand what is suitable for your area.

  4. What is the price for this Baoting Floating Cafe with delivery to Lübeck Hanseatic City of Germany
    Thanks in advance for this info to email:
    Best regards Karl-Heinz-Berger

  5. Hola amigos necesito una descripción de la construcción parte flotante lo que va en el agua específicamente, cual es la tecnología empleada

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